Update History

Xmanager Power Suite 6 Build 0004, May 18, 2018
  • ADD: [Xshell] Special characters such Ctrl+C can now be sent from the Compose Bar and Compose Pane.
  • ADD: [Xshell] The mouse can now be used to move the terminal cursor back and forth, up and down
  • MOD: [All] Modified EULA
  • FIX: [Xmanager] Monitor names displaying incorrectly in Xconfig profiles
  • FIX: [Xmanager] Unable to modify folders with periods in their names
  • FIX: [Xshell] Channel-duplicated session tabs are closed when the session disconnects regardless of how global options are set
  • FIX: [Xshell] Crash when a session is dragged to a different Xshell window's Session Manager
  • FIX: [Xshell] Crash when dragging the Session Manager's properties window
  • FIX: [Xshell] Detached tabs are not locked when Lock Screen is activated
  • FIX: [Xshell] Dragging a session from a different Xshell window's Session Manager connects to an unintended session
  • FIX: [Xshell] Enabled Python script
  • FIX: [Xshell] Local file sizes are displayed incorrectly in SFTP connections
  • FIX: [Xshell] Mouse focus behavior issue in the Session Manager
  • FIX: [Xshell] Refresh issue when copying and pasting session files in the Session Manager
  • FIX: [Xshell] Refresh issue when deleting folders in the session manager
  • FIX: [Xshell] Refresh issue when moving Session Manager folders from one folder to another
  • FIX: [Xshell] Refresh issue when resizing the xsh.Dialog.Prompt dialog
  • FIX: [Xshell] Session appears duplicated in the Session Manager when a Links Bar session is first created
  • FIX: [Xshell] The session name of the Local Shell's automatic logging file is always set to 'default'
  • FIX: [Xshell] Unable to open a hidden Session Manager using shortcut keys
  • FIX: [Xftp] Crash when changing file permissions directly with chmod values
  • FIX: [Xftp] Freshly created Save As sessions connect abnormaly such as displaying tab name
  • FIX: [Xftp] Sessions called from the free version of Xshell always opens in a new window
  • FIX: [Xftp] The session dialog's startup option will not save
  • FIX: [Xftp] Unable to transfer multi-selected files with the Enter key
  • FIX: [Xlpd] Resource Cleanup
  • FIX: [All] Activation fails when the response file has space characters
  • FIX: [All] Already activated licenses request activation again
  • FIX: [All] Crash when password is not given within allowed input time in Xagent
  • FIX: [All] Display issues in high resolutions
  • FIX: [All] Unable to upgrade using the installer
  • FIX: [Xshell, Xftp] When an Xshell(Xftp) session using Keyboard Interactive authentication is called from Xftp(Xshell), authentication is requested again.
Xmanager Power Suite 6 Build 0003, Apr 30, 2018
  • MOD: Changed activation method for PCs unable to connect to the activation server
  • FIX: The installation path selected during installation is not applied
Xmanager Power Suite 6 Build 0002, Apr 26, 2018
  • FIX: Network related product activation issue
Xmanager Power Suite 6 Build 0001, Apr 23, 2018
  • ADD: Version 6 Official release