Offline Software Activation

If your PC is not connected to the internet and thus the software is not able to activate online, you can utilize offline activation.

    1. Enter the email address at which you would like to receive the activation file. Browse for and select the request file which was generated from the software
    2. The activation server will generate an activation file and send it to the email address inputted to the left. The file name will be response.xml.
    3. Transfer the response.xml file to the PC where you want to activate, open the software, and go to Help -> Register.
    4. Select ‘Offline Activation’ and select the response.xml file.
    5. Click [Next] to complete activation.
    6. If your product is activated, the ‘Not Activated’ message in the title bar should not be present. Also, the Help -> About prompt should display as (Activated).

    Note: Response files are only valid on the PC from which the request file was generated.