Xmanager Tutorial

Connecting and executing remote X application with Xstart

Last modified: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 12:46 AM

With Xstart you can create a session that executes a remote X application. Once you have created an Xstart session, you can bring a remote X application on your Windows with a single click.
  1. From the Xmanager folder, run Xstart. RESULT: The Xstart window opens.

  2. Click New. RESULT: A New Session dialog box appears.

  3. Enter a new session name, and click OK.
  4. In the Host box, enter the hostname or IP address of the remote Linux/Unix host.
  5. In the Protocol box, select an appropriate protocol that is available on the host. The SSH protocol is appropriate for most hosts.
  6. To set up protocol-specific options such as port and time-out, click Setup.
  7. In the Username box, enter the user account on the host.
  8. Select an Authentication type from the Authentication list.
  9. To set up Authentication-specific options such as password and public key, click Setup.
  10. In the Execution Command box, enter a command that will be executed on the host. For example, enter the following to run an xterm:
    /usr/bin/X11/xterm -ls -display $DISPLAY
  11. Click Run. RESULT: An xterm window opens.

Most connecting problems you may experience in using Xstart are caused by a firewall configuration on your systems and network. Refer to the followings:

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