Xlpd Tutorial

Remote printer configuration: HP UX 10.20

Last modified: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 10:25 PM

Login as root user and run sam to configure printer.

  1. As root, run /usr/bin/sam or /usr/sbin/sam.
  2. Double-click each Printers and Plotters -> LPSpooler -> Printers/Plotters.
  3. Click Actions -> Add remote Printer/Plotter... in the menu.
  4. In the printer configuration window, enter the following:

    • Printer Name: printer name to be used on the print command line.
    • Remote System Name: IP address or hostname of the PC where Xlpd is installed. If the IP address is not accepted, then the hostname should be registered in /etc/hosts file as explained in General setup.
    • Remote Printer Name: Enter the queue name registered in Xlpd. If this name is not already registered in Xlpd and a print job is sent to Xlpd using this queue, then Xlpd will print the job using its default queue or create a new queue automatically depending on the Xlpd settings.
    • Remote Printer is on a BSD system: this field must be checked.
    • Leave other fields as default.
  5. Click OK to exit sam.
  6. To print a file on HP UX 10.x, the following command line is used.
    $ /usr/bin/lpr -dPrinter_name filename