Xlpd Tutorial

Remote printer configuration: General Setup

Last modified: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 10:25 PM

Register PC's IP address
  • Add the IP address and hostname of PC on the /etc/hosts file of the UNIX system.      lpd_pc_name
    # A space or tab is needed between IP address and hostname.

  • Printer Name
    Printer Name is used to specify a printer when you register or send print jobs to it. In some UNIX systems, Queue Name is used instead.
  • Printer Server
    Printer Server means an IP address or hostname of the PC running Xlpd. Depending on systems, it may only require the hostname.
  • Queue Name
    Queue Name defines the queue name of Xlpd (Printer Server). Xlpd receives the print job from the client machines. Each print job has its assigned queue name. When Xlpd receives the print job, it then finds a queue that has a matching queue name and processes it accordingly. If the queue name does not exist, Xlpd can create a new queue that has the name specified in the print job or use the default queue instead.
General guide to register a printer
  • Select [Berkeley] or [BSD] from Print type. Xlpd supports LPD protocol, and generally it is known as Berkeley remote printing protocol.
  • In Berkeley UNIX system, refer to the printcap manual page to register a printer.
    $ man printcap
  • To print a file, you can run lpr command or select print menu in some text GUI editor. For detailed lpr command line options, refer to the lpr manual page.
    $ lpr -PPrinter_name filename
    $ lpr -dPrinter_name filename