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Xmanager Enterprise 5 Release Announcement

Posted Nov 10, 2014

We are very excited to announce the release of version 5 of all of NetSarang software. It includes a number of new features with up to date security and bug fixes. Version 5 is available for all products- Xmanager Enterprise, Xmanager Standard, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd. There is no sign-up required and also it does not affect your existing settings.

New Features

New Features
Product New Features

Xmanager Enterprise
Xmanager Enterprise includes all products listed below

Xmanager Standard
OpenGL Support

OpenGL is supported in Xmanager 5. You can enjoy powerful OpenGL supported applications which you could previously only run on the Enterprise edition. 3D applications such as CAD or medical software run smoother at a higher speed with OpenGL support.

Tab Based Frame / Split Panes

Manage multiple remote desktops from a single window. Xbrowser 5's new tab based frame allows users to easily attach and detach tabs by simply dragging the tab in or out of the window like you would in modern internet browsers. This feature is useful if you need to monitor multiple UNIX/Linux systems simultaneously. The split pane feature in Xbrowser lets you display multiple tabs in a single window allowing you to do side-by-side comparisons of multiple remote desktops. With Version 5's new tab based frame and split panes feature, you can use your Windows desktop space efficiently without cluttering it with remote sessions.

More extensions supported (Xinerama, RandR)

Xmanager 5 supports more X extensions that are required to access the latest Linux operating systems such as Xinerama and RandR. These new extensions allow instantaneous desktop resizing and multi-monitor support and make the remote desktop sessions run flawlessly on a local Windows PC.

Live Update

In today’s fast paced and ever-changing IT industry, running the most stable and secure software is a must. We regularly release updates for our software which include bug fixes, security patches, and occasionally, new features. Our new Live Update feature in Xmanager 5 checks for new updates and notifies users when one is available. Staying up to date is now faster and easier than ever.

Detachable and Reattachable Tabs / Split Panes

An overhaul of Xshell’s tab based frame has been one of the most requested changes for our next version. The tab based frame of Xshell has been improved with detachable tabs and split pane support. . In Xshell 5, each tab can be detached from the original window by simply dragging and dropping. Tabs can easily be reattached by dragging them back to the original window.

Split panes can contain multiple tabs and a single Xshell window can have multiple panes. Effortlessly open multiple tabs in a single window and compare sessions side-by-side with ease. Our new split panes feature lets you customize and create the perfect workspace and allows better use of limited monitor space. Combined with detachable tabs, you can now expect less clutter and streamlined session management.

Support Native Local Shell

You can use the Windows command line tools in Xshell 5. With Native Local Shell support, all your favorite Windows command tools can be accessed from Xshell terminal allowing you to be more productive and focused since you do not have to travel between multiple windows. All native commands are recognized and all the hassle is gone.

Secure password encryption using the master password

Xshell encrypts all passwords and passphrases before saving them to a file. The master password adds an extra layer of security to the password encryption algorithm, thus making it harder for hackers to steal your password.

More script languages supported (VB Script, Javascript, Python)

Script is now more powerful with more scripting languages supported. Xshell 5 supports VB script, Javascript and Python. You can now automate tedious and repetitive tasks with script.

Support Unicode encoding

Work with multiple languages from a single window. With Unicode support, you can now display several languages in the same file browser window. Companies with offices around the world can now share files without worrying about the file name displaying incorrectly. Xftp 5 makes transferring UNICODE files hassle-free.

Support IPv6

With the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, the transition to IPv6 has already begun. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Comcast, and Cisco have already adopted IPv6 and the list continues to grow. Future-proof yourself and your company with Xftp 5 and its support for IPv6 addresses.

Support Synchronized Navigation

Synchronized Navigation was one of the most requested features for Xftp and we are pleased to announce its inclusion in Version 5. Save time and clicks by browsing the local and remote folders simultaneously with synchronized navigation. If you employ identical directory structures on your local and remote machines, synchronized navigation lets you traverse through folders quickly. There is no need to navigate separately while clicking back and forth. This translates to fewer mistakes and less time wasted.

Email Notification

Get an email notification when there is something wrong with your print job. If there is an error, administrators will get an email outlining the error status and time of the error. Diagnose problems with ease and quickly get your printing network back up and running with Xlpd 5’s new Email Notification feature.

Support Print Preview with GhostScript

Preview your print jobs before printing them. With Xlpd 5 you can use GhostScript to preview print jobs in your favorite pdf viewer. Make sure your print jobs are just the way you want them to be with the preview feature and print documents right the first time.


Xmanager 5 (Xbrowser)

Xmanager 5 (Xstart)

Xshell 5

Xftp 5

Xlpd 5

How to Upgrade

Buying Upgrade Package
If you purchased previous versions of Xmanager Enterprise, Xmanager, Xshell, Xftp, Xlpd, you can buy the upgrade package at significantly discounted price.
Free Upgrade
If you are within the maintenance service period for your software, you can always upgrade to the latest product. Send us an email us at sales @ netsarang.com with your name, organization and the product key to receive a free license.

If you have any questions, contact us at sales @ netsarang.com.