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Free for Home & School Use

Posted May 05, 2008

  • Broader Xshell and Xftp Free license coverage
  • Free for school and home for both non-commercial and commercial

NetSarang has announced to give out the top rated secure terminal emulator, Xshell, and secure file transfer agent, Xftp, for free for home and school uses. Now, home users, students and staff at any accredited schools* can enjoy Xshell and Xftp at no cost.

Full Featured with No Spyware, No ads, No limitation
These are full featured programs without any feature limitation, spyware, hidden advertisement. You can enjoy all the powerful features of the commercial editions.
Use it for both commercial & Non-commercial purpose
With the free license policy, we want to reach out to more end users and let them test drive our products in full throttle. There are no strings attached. You can use these programs for both non-commercial and commercial purpose. And, if you happen to like our software, please feel free to refer it to your friends, co-workers and of course, don't forget your purchasing department.

For detailed license agreement, please refer to the Free License Agreement form.

*Accredited schools: These are schools that are accredited by Department of Education or organizations that serve the similar purpose. Accredited schools do not include University hospitals and associated research facilities.