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'@' key moves the cursor to new line

Last modified: Thursday, January 24, 2013 10:35 PM


When I enter the '@' key, cursor moves to new line.


In some UNIX/Linux servers, '@' key is configured to send the terminal control character, 'intr'. Control character, 'intr', interrupts the current operation. When the server receives this control character, it stops the current operation and moves cursor to the new line. The main difference between the enter key and the intr key is that the Enter key sends the command as opposed to the intr key which cancels the current command input and moves to the new line so nothing is executed.

To use the '@' key as normal 'at sign' character, you need to assign the interrupt signal to a different character. The following command assigns ctrl-c to intr.

stty intr ^C 

To list all the terminal control characters, use the following command:

$ stty -a