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How to display colors

Last modified: Thursday, January 24, 2013 9:26 PM


This article explains how you can use colors in Xshell. Different colors usually used in UNIX/Linux computers to distinguish folders and files. 


There are few requirements to display colors properly:

1. Set color enabled color schema in Xshell
Xshell terminal can show 256 colors. From the Color Schema dialog box, select a schema that can display colors such as 'ANSI Colors on Black'.

2. Use the SHELL environment that can display colors
Some UNIX/Linux shell environment cannot display colors. Use BASH or TCSH to use colors on terminal. 

3. Use the terminal type that can display colors

$ echo $TERM
$ export TERM=xterm (or setenv TERM xterm)

4. Use the application that can display colors
Some UNIX/Linux applications do not support colors. Refer to the application manual for more information on how to display colors. ls and vim support colors.

5. Configure terminal applications to display colors
For example, in order to use colors with 'ls', you would use the '--color=tty' option. 

$alias ls='ls --color=tty'


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