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Xmanager and frame buffer

Last modified: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 8:30 AM


Applications that require or use frame buffer are not accessible in Xmanager.


Frame buffer refers to the system's graphics hardware. Xmanager allows X applications to work through the network. Therefore, if the X app is using frame buffer directly, it will not work in Xmanager.


Programs that utilize frame buffer, cannot be outputed with Xmanager, so a different utility should be used in conjunction with Xmanager to send output.

For example, using xwd and xwud:
With the xwd utility, dump the console screen then with the xwud utility, you can see the output in Xmanager. Use the following commands:

# xwd -diaply :0 > dump.out
# xwud -in dump.out -display PC_IP_ADDRESS:0

In PC_IP_ADDRESS:0 shown above, the '0' represents the Xmanager display number. The display number may change depending on its configuration, therefore you must assign the currently running Xmanager's display number.


All versions of Xmanager