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After installing Visual Studio 2005, Xstart session shortcut does not work

Last modified: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 7:27 AM


If Visual Studio 2005 was installed after Xmanager was installed, the Xstart session file .xss files conflict with Visual Studio and if double clicked, Xstart session is not launched.


Xmanager's Xstart session file extension and Visual Studio 2005's extension are both .xss. Visual Studio that was installed after Xmanager will utilize the .xss file extension and therefore Xmanager cannot be used. 

To fix this problem, re-install Xmanager or in the file attribute window, change the dedicated program that opens the .xss file extension. To change which application should open .xss by default, right click on the .xss file and select Properties. Click on the Open with button and select Xstart. 


Xmanager 2.0, Xmanager Enterprise 2.0