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In ZSH, when the terminal size is reconfigured, multi-line prompt texts are not properly shown

Last modified: Thursday, December 10, 2015 7:52 AM


When using ZSH in shell and the terminal size is reconfigured, the first line of multi-line prompt texts are shown twice.

prompt 1st line
prompt 2nd line >

After terminal size is reconfigured...
prompt 1st line
prompt 1st line
prompt 2nd line >

Test Instructions:
1. Execute zsh, then enter in following command to create a multi-line prompt text

export PROMPT ="[%n@%m][%D{%Y.%m.%d %H.%M}][%~]] >"

2. Adjust the window size of the terminal
3. Check if first line is shown twice


This is a bug within zsh that has existed since 3/19/2009. It is not a bug unique to a specific terminal emulator, but instead affects all terminal emulators.


Currently, zsh developers are looking into this issue. However, an official solution currently does not exist. Use the command 'print -rP "...."' in zsh for multi-line prompt texts.

ex)export PROMPT=`print -rP "[%n@%m][%D] >"`