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How to map custom keys in Xmanager

Last modified: Thursday, December 10, 2015 8:29 AM


An X application may use special key combinations to trigger certain tasks. You need to set custom key maps in Xmanager.


When mapping custom keys, you should refer to the desired application's manual or you can follow the directions below:

The following is for F1 mapping.

First, in the UNIX/Linux machine's graphic screen, execute the following. (This applies to a local, not a remote, connection within a console.)

$usr/X11R6/bin/xev (For Solaris, $/usr/openwin/demo/xev)

Select the Event Tester window then enter the 'F1' key. From the previously executed command, locate and note the 'keysym' from the outputted text. The F1 key's default keysym is 'F1'(keysym 0xffbe, F1).

Now from Xmanager, input and modify F1's new keysym.

You can use Xmanager's keyboard editor to modify keysym. For more information, see the Help section.

Launch keyboard editor: execute Xconfig > Input tab > Keyboard editor


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