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How to connect to remote UNIX servers from Xmanager installed in a virtual guest OS

Last modified: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 6:17 AM


This article explains how you can connect to the remote UNIX servers via XDMCP from Xmanager installed in a virtual guest OS.


There are a few types of virtual networks that VMware creates. Of those, if NAT is selected, the guest OS made in VMware will be placed inside the private network that is shared with the host PC.

Since Xmanager is a server software, remote UNIX and Linux systems must be able to connect to Xmanager using the necessary ports. However, when Xmanager is installed in a guest OS configured with the NAT setting, the remote UNIX/Linux machines cannot make connections to Xmanager.

Here is a diagram of how Xmanager communicates with the remote UNIX and Linux hosts in VMWare under the NAT setting:

To resolve this problem, change the network adapter type in the guest OS to Bridged. Bridged network means that guest OS will use same network as the PC on which VMware is installed.

Alternatively, you can also utilize the SSH protocol if UNIX/Linux supports it. If so, you can utilize Secure XDMCP or Xstart sessions via SSH.


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