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Konsole in KDE is not displayed correctly

Last modified: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:16 PM


This article explains how you can fix the following issues with Konsole. 
  • Incorrect font spacing
  • Terminal gets corrupted after the 'clear' command
Konsole is the default KDE terminal emulator.


This problem occurs because Konsole has a bug in font settings. 

Since Konsole is a terminal emulator, it uses the fixed-width fonts by default. For some reason, if Konsole cannot retrieve the fixed-width font, it uses proportional font instead which results in incorrect screen display of text. When this happens, the same problem occurs on console as well. 


To resolve this issue, select the fixed-width font in Konsole:

1. Open Konsole.
2. Click Settings and then Font
3. Click on the Select menu.
RESULT: Select Font dialog box opens.
4. Select a fix-width font from the list such as monospace

If you want to apply this settings every time you open Konsole, click on the Settings menu and then Save as Default.


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