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Window frame disappears and I cannot move or resize my window

Last modified: Monday, January 28, 2013 8:45 PM


This article explains how you can fix the issue of disappearing window frame. When using an X application like Matlab with Xstart and multiple window mode, window frame disappears and you cannot move or resize the application window.


This problem may occur when Microsoft window manager disappears when opening Matlab. Window manager is responsible for making the title bar and moving or re-sizing the application window. 


To resolve this issue, in the Xconfig profile, set the Window Mode to Local Only

1. Open Xconfig and double click on the profile that you are using for Xstart (by default, it is the Default Profile)
2. Click on the Window Mode tab.
3. Click on the Settings button. 
RESULT: Window Mode Settings opens.
4. Click on the Multiple Window Mode tab. 
5. Select Local Only from the Window Mode list.


Xmanager 2.x and above