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I get 'Desktop messaging system cannot be started.' when accessing HP-UX via XDMCP

Last modified: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 6:43 AM


When you are connecting to HP-UX with XDMCP, the following message appears and Xmanager exits when you click the OK button:

Desktop messaging system cannot be started.

*This article requires remote server configuration. Administrator privilege may be required.


This problem may occur when HP-UX cannot resolve the host name of the PC running Xmanager from its DNS (Domain Name Server).

To resolve this problem, check with your network administrator and make sure the forward and reverse entries for the PC are entered correctly. It is recommended to use DNS when the PC is assigned to a static IP address only.

Alternatively, as a temporary fix, you can configure HP-UX to look up /etc/hosts before requesting from the DNS. To do so:

Step 1. Add the IP address and alias of the PC in the /etc/hosts file. For example, if your PC's IP address is, then you would add:     MY_PC

Step 2. Change the DNS look up priority.

  1. Run "sam" on the HP console
  2. Double-click "Networking and Communications"
  3. Select "Name Service Switch"
  4. In the "Type of Information" list, select "hosts"
  5. In the "Actions" menu, select "Configure Name Service Switch..."
  6. Change the search order as /etc/hosts > DNS or NIS > DNS or NIS or none