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How to configuring dtterm resource to change font, size, color and etc.

Last modified: Thursday, September 3, 2009 11:22 PM


You want to change options on dtterm such as font color, size or background color.


To change the settings on dtterm, edit the Dtterm file or the .Xdefaults file.

Resource file location
dtterm resource files are located in the following path. Depending on the connection method, a different resource file is used:

If you are using XDMCP (Using CDE): $HOME/locale/Dtterm (or $HOME/Dtterm)
If you are using TELNET or SSH with Xstart: $HOME/.Xdefaults

Options you can use in the resource file
To change the settings, use the following options:

Dtterm.*userFont  Font type
Dtterm*dtTerm*background Background color
Dtterm*dtTerm*foreground Foreground color
Dtterm*XmScrollBar*background Background color for the scroll bar

Note: There are other options that are not listed above. You can find more options online by searching for 'Xdefault options'.