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Recovering from nssock2.dll
by Support
6060Sep 07, 2017
by Support
Corrupt or Invalid Signature when Installing from Microsoft Edge Browser/SmartScreen
by Support
58050Jan 19, 2016
by Support
Duplicate Session problem in version Xshell5 (build 0831)
by Alexander
26622Dec 08, 2015
by Support
Xshell for OS X
by bparker
176997179Feb 14, 2018
by baiyu
Xshell and Xftp: password lost after sync
by Carlo
191Feb 13, 2018
by Support
XShell - Problems with ZSH
by Andreas Wachter
421Feb 13, 2018
by Support
explain xsh.Dialog.Prompt size adjustment feature
by jsanagustin
1365Feb 13, 2018
by Support
Cannot re-install Xshell 5 after removing & changing system disk
by Zhang
431Feb 09, 2018
by Support
Does xshell support public key capi?
by lucas
661Feb 09, 2018
by Support
new session very slow
by Kaixuan
421Feb 09, 2018
by Support
Select text with Shift + double click
by Bean
161120Feb 07, 2018
by Support
XShell6 very slow startup/new shell window
by Christian
2083Feb 06, 2018
by Support
How to import SecureCRT session?
by ComGuy
2004023Feb 02, 2018
by Support
Systems Engineer
by Raghu K
791Feb 02, 2018
by Support
font size 13
by jack
761Feb 02, 2018
by Support
Linux Version
by Maxim Seliverstov
1349615Feb 02, 2018
by Jim
Use windows credentials as user
by ronzo
1281Jan 30, 2018
by Support
I got an installation error on windows 10
by Rodrigo
691Jan 30, 2018
by Support
by qijun
990Jan 30, 2018
by qijun