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Logging based on connection

Last post: Monday, November 29, 2004 11:13 PM by Mike, 2 reply

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 3:14 AM - Mike

Logging based on connection

Is there a way that I can log with Xshell based on the session? In other words, I want the certain connections to log automatically.
Wednesday, November 24, 2004 2:23 PM - Support

Re: Logging based on connection

Xshell currently does not offer auto logging for each session. However, you can log each session manually. Go to the File menu and Log. From there you can choose to start, stop, pause or resume the logging.

Your request has been added to our feature request line. We will consider including this feature in our future release.

Thank you.
Monday, November 29, 2004 11:13 PM - Mike

Re: Re: Logging based on connection

If your application supported either some method of scripting (perl/vbscript), then I would consider replacing my terminal applications (currently, I use SecureCRT for logging functionality).