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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 4:29 PM - xshellNewbee

Tab Focus


Thanks Netsarang for a great product, love it, two issues not complaining, but rather trying to understand if there is further configuration required at my end.
tab focus shortcut i.e Alt+<tab number> applies to a single tab group and not applicable to other groups, i need to define those manually ?

what i mean if i have three tabs side by side like firefox tabs. the keyboard shortcut works. but if i arrange those tabs either vertically,horizontally or tiled it doesn't work.

But say if i try arranging my three tabs vertically, on the first vertical section if i create another tab(now i have total tabs4 two on first other twos on each other vertical sections), again keyboard shortcut works only for the section i am highlighting. well same goes for other sections if i create more tabs on those sections keyboard shortcuts works only on those sections given that i have highlighted those section with mouse then using keyboard shortcut.

But i can not traverse all four like tmux, screen,vim be it vertically/horizontally/tiled arranged.

second one is if tiled them up press ctrl+shift+T screen looks great with minimal
(interface as i have removed menu from view) But no focus available through shortcut
Can you please lead me to some info or knowledgebase(i have searched but found nothing).


Program Ver. : Xshell 5
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 12:20 PM - Support

Re: Tab Focus

<alt>+number key only works within a tab group. If you want to traverse between different tab groups, I would recommend you to use the following method:

Set custom key map for tab group switch:

1. Click on the keyboard icon on Xshell toolbar
2. Click Add.
3. Enter <CTRL>-K (This key combination will be used for tab group switch)
4. Select <Menu> for Type
5. Select [Tab] Move to next tab group.
6. Click OK to save

You can also add a different key combination for Do this for [Tab] Move to previous tab group.

You can use the move between tab groups feature in conjunction with switch tab feature to traverse within Xshell.

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