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xftp On XShell 3.0 beta 0060 to 0063 crash

Last post: Monday, January 22, 2007 1:26 PM by Support, 1 reply

Sunday, January 21, 2007 12:43 PM - Bambo Huang

xftp On XShell 3.0 beta 0060 to 0063 crash

The following is my log:
Xshell 3.0 (Build 0063)
Copyright (c) 2003-2007 NetSarang Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

Type `help' to learn how to use Xshell prompt.
Xshell:\> sftp gwdev@

Connecting to
Connection established.
Escape character is '^@]'.

Your current local directory is
C:\Program Files\NetSarang\Xshell3

Type `help' to browse available commnands.
sftp:/home/gwdev> lcd E:\GatherServer3
Local directory is now E:\GatherServer3
sftp:/home/gwdev> lls
01/21/2007 03:37上 .
01/21/2007 03:37上 ..
01/21/2007 03:37上 888 GatherServer.sln
01/21/2007 03:37上 121344 GatherServer.suo
01/21/2007 03:37上 5572 GatherServer.vcproj
01/21/2007 03:37上 1421 GatherServer.vcproj.BAMBO-LAPTOP.Bambo.user
01/21/2007 03:37上 1231 Makefile
01/21/2007 03:37上 src
sftp:/home/gwdev> put

After I typed the put cmd, I pressed 'tab' key to list the files, then xshell crashed. I think maybe it is becouse of the long filename "GatherServer.vcproj.BAMBO-LAPTOP.Bambo.user" becouse when there's no the file, xshell will not crash.
Monday, January 22, 2007 1:26 PM - Support

Re: xftp On XShell 3.0 beta 0060 to 0063 crash

The problem has been fixed and the updated setup file is now available at:


Thank you for trying out Xshell 3.0 Beta.

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