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Corrupt or Invalid Signature when Installing from Microsoft Edge Browser/SmartScreen
by Support
14350Jan 19, 2016
by Support
Invalid input style
by Varun Chawla
191Apr 24, 2017
by Support
Xmanager Failed to initialize XRandr
by koalaftw
1535Apr 05, 2017
by Support
MAC OS X and Xmanager
by Andrew Rice
192993Mar 05, 2017
by Justino B...
Unable to run visual-studio-code
by petrsnd
11872Mar 02, 2017
by Paul Pryo...
Xstart window is not opening
by Shiva
2331Feb 17, 2017
by Support
Xmanager 5 can not open desktop on Ubuntu 16.04
by Mondory
4341Jan 24, 2017
by Support
Evaluation period expired
by Sagaya
24535Dec 29, 2016
by Support
Cannot Open Qt Creator when use Xmanger Enterprise 5
by Steven Zhang
6194Nov 21, 2016
by Steven Zh...
Cannot use keyboard to input char to Virtual Machine on Xmanager5
by ThangBui
5182Oct 20, 2016
by ThangBui
problems with keyboard settings
by Alejandro Frangi
14283Oct 20, 2016
by Support
cannot connect to kali2
by wanyong
5843Oct 07, 2016
by Octavinus
Error 1935 During XME5 Install
by TJG
5170Oct 05, 2016
by TJG
how to configure xmanager to centos7
by winfred
194219May 31, 2016
by Support
pre-sale issue
by jimmy
7981May 16, 2016
by Support
libGL error when run Qt Creator
by kincorn
20651May 16, 2016
by Support
xshell xmodem transmission speed cause I/O problem
by 泰明 唐
9331May 09, 2016
by dave
by masifahmed
8551Apr 25, 2016
by Support
copy / paste issue
by austin
10994Apr 12, 2016
by Markus
too many x window icons appearing in task bar
by xin
9361Apr 04, 2016
by Support