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Gnome-terminal opens in the Linux console
by Support
660Nov 21, 2018
by Support
XMDP session time differ from system time
by Babai
70Dec 08, 2018
by Babai
barcode sanner keypad emulation
by Michal Vartiak
1161Oct 29, 2018
by Support
I have linked to my server with putty client,how do I open youtube weibsite with my computer then?
by love2799
1020Oct 29, 2018
by love2799
Input one 'a' character resulted in 2 duplicated 'aa' characters.
by Alan Song
1191Oct 22, 2018
by zoo
the display is not correct when using xstar gnome mode via ssh
by lauren
1371Oct 18, 2018
by Support
Cant't move or edit Windows
by Jan Mokwinski
3901Jul 12, 2018
by Support
by Yury
4731May 28, 2018
by Support
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS not showing GUI on connection
by Victor
5331May 10, 2018
by Support
My Documents Storage
by Dan
5341May 02, 2018
by Support
MAC OS X and Xmanager
by Andrew Rice
332904Apr 14, 2018
by shenhy
evalution period expired
by Virender Singh
7001Apr 12, 2018
by Support
When can we use Xmanager for Mac os?
by xiaolin
7650Mar 23, 2018
by xiaolin
OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 KDE Error
by Wolfgang Grossbauer
9940Jan 20, 2018
by Wolfgang ...
Xmanager and Spice protocol
by Sandro
10801Dec 26, 2017
by Support
5 buttons mouse is not supported?
by esx
10711Dec 14, 2017
by Support
Xmanager multi user on Citrix server
by Jeroen
12001Nov 08, 2017
by Support
libGL errors
by Steven Walton
16892Nov 06, 2017
by Steven Wa...
X11 forwarding Request Rejected
19061Nov 03, 2017
by Support
Cannot Open Display
by Darshan Dhruv
14261Nov 03, 2017
by Support