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Red Hat KDE 2.2 - cannot use icons

Last post: Wednesday, February 6, 2002 5:45 PM by Jay, 5 reply

Tuesday, February 5, 2002 5:54 PM - jay

Red Hat KDE 2.2 - cannot use icons


First of all - I think the people from netsarang are doing great job. I love this product.

But now, after one year, ran into my first problem. I have a machine here with RedHat 7.2 and KDE 2.2-10. If I contact from Win2000, I can login (kdm is used), KDE starts. When I click on an icon in the task menu, it sometimes opens, sometimes it just tries for a while, then stops. The x-session-errors.log tells me fatal IO error: client killed. This information does not help me. I need to know why client is killed and what can I do to remove IO error.

By the way, contacting the machine with NT via Xmanager or with a Linux-Terminal works fine - no problems. If I contact other Linux/Unix machines with this 2000 machine - no problems. I am at wits end. please help.
Tuesday, February 5, 2002 6:43 PM - jay

Re: Red Hat KDE 2.2 - cannot use icons

me once more....

it is definitely a problem between win2000 and KDE 2.2-10. I have now taken a second win2000 machine to connect to the machine with KDE 2.2-10 - same problem!

I have here a G3 with YellowDogLinux 2.1 with KDE 2.2.1 - works fine.

All very mysterious.
Tuesday, February 5, 2002 7:51 PM - Support

Please try the latest version of Xmanager

You can download Xmanager v1.3.9.5 at:


This version might fix the problem.

Our engineers will test KDE with the same settings and keep you informed.

Technical Support
Wednesday, February 6, 2002 4:16 PM - Jay

Re: Please try the latest version of Xmanager

Thanx for your prompt reply - and thanx for the new version!

I updated immediately. Unfortunately, we still encounter the same problem here - win2000 and KDE 2.2-10 do not seem to match. When you click on an icon in the KDE panel, it sometimes starts the application, sometimes not. The x-session-errors.log gives no information except "fatal IO error:client killed", but does not tell why. The event log in win2000 gives no information whatsoever.

We even changed network cards - but it is no hardware problem. Updating KDE seems the last possibility, although we do not know if KDE 2.2.1 has the same problems .... we only know that if running on PowerPC, it does not. Concerning Intel, we have no idea yet.

Thanx for your support. Your produvt is really very valuable to us. We assume that some changes from winNT to win2000 made by Microsoft and some changes from KDE 1.x to KDE 2.x somehow do not harmonize when using Xmanager.

Greetings from Germany
Wednesday, February 6, 2002 5:08 PM - Support

Re: Re: Please try the latest version of Xmanager

Thank you for your information.

We are planning to test the problem more seriously.
In the mean time, we recommend you using Single Window Mode with Full Screen option. You can do it as following:

1. Open Xconfig.
2. Check [Window->Single window mode].
3. Check [Full Screen] box.

If this also generates the same error, it might be the problem of KDE 2.2.1.

We would appreciate your feedback.

Technical Support
Wednesday, February 6, 2002 5:45 PM - Jay

Re: Re: Re: Please try the latest version of Xmanager

I am using single window mode - up to now, we usually picked desktop size, but the problem in full screen mode is still there!

We use the standard RedHat7.2, which has KDE 2.2-10, not 2.2.1. We will try to update to KDE 2.2.1 as soon as possible, maybe then the error will not occur anymore ... but actually we would like to avoid this update, since it would include a lot of machines. No one at KDE or Microsoft seems to know about this problem :-(