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Keyboard Editor

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Tuesday, November 13, 2001 1:05 AM - Paul Nophut

Keyboard Editor


I am evaluating Xmanager and like it, but run into problems with the keyboard. I used the German keyboard and tried to map some ALT + key definition, i.e. ALT I for HPInsert Line. This works fine the first time, but if I want to insert 2 lines I could not hold the ALT-key and press 2 times the I-key, as the second time an "i" will be produced. To solve this I have to press "ALT" + "I", release both keys and press "ALT" and "I" again. Is there a way to have this done without releasing the ALT-Key?
Also I didn't find an explanation or help within the keyboard editor for the section where I could mark: Repeat, Shift, CapsLock, Control, Mod1,..Mod5? Could you help me with that?

Paul Nophut

Tuesday, November 13, 2001 2:25 AM - Support

Re: Keyboard Editor

The keyboard editor supports compose sequence for dead key processing, not for normal key combinations.

Instead of using "Alt+I", you can edit "Insert" key like this:

  Unshift: Insert
  Shifted: HPInsert
  ModeSwitch: NoSymbol
  Shift MS: NoSymbol

In this case, you can use "Shift+Insert" to activate HP insert function several times.

Or else you can do the same things in the X client side by adding key definition into the resource file of X applications.

And for your information:

  • Repeat: KeyPress and KeyRelease event is generated repeatedly while the key is being pressed. It is checked for normal alphanumeric keys.
  • Shift, CapsLock, Control, Mod1 ~ Mod5: These are modifier keys used with other keys. Usually you don't have to define them.

- Technical Support