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libGL error when run Qt Creator

Last post: Monday, May 16, 2016 10:09 PM by Support, 1 reply

Thursday, May 12, 2016 6:34 AM - kincorn

libGL error when run Qt Creator

Target OS: Ubuntu 16.04 & 14.04
Xsession: gnome-session-flashback
Login manager: lightdm

1. When Xmanager connected, login screen shown but missing mouse cursor
2. After login, I fixed the mouse cursor problem by changing gsetting, run:
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false
but some system window cannot show, such as System Setting
3. After I setup Qt5 successfully, but run Qt Creator faild in Xwindow, message prompt in the Terminal:
Qt: XKEYBOARD extension not present on the X server.
Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display "".
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
No tool chain set from kit "Desktop Qt 5.6.0 GCC 64bit".
No tool chain set from kit "Desktop Qt 5.6.0 GCC 64bit".
WARNING: Application calling GLX 1.3 function "glXCreatePbuffer" when GLX 1.3 is not supported! This is an application bug!
QQuickWidget: Failed to make context current
QQuickWidget::resizeEvent() no OpenGL context

Qt Creator can run successfully on native monitor.

NOTE: When I reinstall Ubuntu 14.04 + Xubuntu Desktop, Issues 1 and 2 above have been resolved, but Qt Creator still not work.

Program Ver. : Xmanager 4
Connect Method : XDMCP connection
Monday, May 16, 2016 10:09 PM - Support

Re: libGL error when run Qt Creator

Concerning steps 1 and 2, can you provide screenshots so we can further analyze.

Concerning step 3, unfortunately Xmanager has not yet implemented GLX 1.3. We will be implemented GLX 1.3 some time in the future.

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