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system adminidtrator

Last post: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 9:12 AM by Support, 1 reply

Thursday, August 6, 2015 4:47 AM - tadesse birhanustem

system adminidtrator

hi i need xmanager for AIX 7.1 use

Program Ver. : Xmanager 3.0
Connect Method : XDMCP connection
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 9:12 AM - Support

Re: system adminidtrator

All Xmanager versions support AIX 7.1.

Have you tried enabling XDMCP on AIX by following the instruction on the following URL?


If the problem persists, please send us the following information:

1. Please describe the problem you are having
2. Xmanager log (XDMCP issue only). Wait until XDMCP fails then right click on the title bar and select Log > File.
3 Can you connect to the host via SSH and Xstart?
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