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Problem with Terminal server

Last post: Monday, April 28, 2003 4:41 PM by Support, 1 reply

Monday, April 28, 2003 4:30 PM

Problem with Terminal server


We installed Xmanager on terminal server and one client is able to use Xmanager for login into our application server, but if other client trying to use xmanager , it is giving error. Please confirm there is seprate software for terminal server or there is need to do some setting in Xmanager.
Monday, April 28, 2003 4:41 PM - Support

Re: Problem with Terminal server

In a Terminal server environment, you can run multiple Xmanager using Xbrowser. In each Terminal client, just run Xbrowser instead of Xmanager. The Xbrowser program is installed in the Xmanager folder and it can handle multiple Xmanager conveniently.

Be aware that Xbrowser allows only XDMCP connections.

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