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XDMCP connection failed

Last post: Tuesday, February 4, 2003 11:48 PM by Support, 3 reply

Wednesday, January 29, 2003 1:14 AM - Jay Jefferson

XDMCP connection failed

I am receiving this error whenever I try to connect to my Linux ( Mandrake 9 ) box outside of my home network. Here is the network configuration:

Cable Modem -> Linksys Router -> Linux Box

If I'm at home on another machine on the network ( appearing after the router like the Linux Box ) everything is fine, however if I'm say at work I get the above error.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003 4:38 PM - Kay

Re: XDMCP connection failed

To connect to the Linux box on another network, both your PC and the Linux should have a public IP address. I think the Linux box have a private IP address allocated by the Linksys router.

If it is not the case, let me know more detailed configurations of the network including IP addresses.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003 10:09 PM - Jay Jefferson

Re: Re: XDMCP connection failed

Thank you. I'm afraid that's exactly the case. I'm guessing there is no way around this? If not, is there similar software to xManager that will allow me to do this?

Tuesday, February 4, 2003 11:48 PM - Support

Re: Re: Re: XDMCP connection failed

There is a trick for your situation.

You should configure a port-forwarding rule in the Linksys router as following:

UDP 177 of Linksys ==> UDP 177 of Linux

This means that you should forward UDP 177 port of Linksys router to the UDP 177 port of the Linux.

And then Xmanager should connect to the Linksys router, not to the Linux. The port-forwarding rule will guide the connection to the Linux. For more information on port-forwarding, please read the manual pages of the router.

One restriction is that your PC at work should have a public IP address.

We hope this can help you.

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