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Font rendering QT4 applications

Last post: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 3:32 PM by Support, 1 reply

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 9:22 PM - Martin Mc

Font rendering QT4 applications

Sorry to raise this subject again but I'm struggling to get Xmanager to display anti-aliased fonts on qt4 applications under Fedora core (and struggling to understand how things work).

I have compiled QT4.2.2 configured with -fontconfig .

I am using fedora core 6 with gnome desktop and Xmanager 1.3.9 (but I get the same results with the evaluation version of Xmanager enterprise)

I want to Xstart to display the Programs written in QT4 on a windows XP machine.

The fonts under gnome are configured as follows:

Font rendering -> best shapes
smoothing -> grey scale
hinting -> medium
subpixel order -> RGB.

The fonts appear nice and smooth under gnome when I log directly into the console of the machine or I vnc to it.

If I use xstart to connect to the linux machine from windows XP the font I have selected, using qtconfig (which uses fontconfig) is displayed but it is very blocky not smoothed at all.

If I xmanager xdm xbrowser and log in to the linux machine the desktop fonts are smooth but not qt application fonts (these are very blocky again). The window decoration for the app has smooth text however.Other applications have smooth fonts.

Interestingly the font in gnome terminal is smooth when I log directly into the console of the linux machine but it is not smooth when I use xbrowser to connect to the linux machine (every other app (except my qt4 apps) seems to have smooth fonts though).

In xconfig I have the default fonts 100dpi, 75 dpi, cde, speedo, type1 and misc. and I have tried with and without 'automatic font substitution' selected.

I have also tried xming xmanager and this renders the fonts smoothly for qt4 apps but is inferior in most other ways.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks, Martin.
Wednesday, December 13, 2006 3:32 PM - Support

Re: Font rendering QT4 applications

Qt4 applications use Render extension, and this is used to smooth the fonts in applications.

Xmanager 3.0 will support Render Extension and it will be released soon.

Thank you for using Xmanager.

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