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Saturday, September 4, 2004 4:00 AM - kiokio



If some hosts are outside the local network, the user should add the hosts in the Options dialog box by selecting the [Tools->Options] menu.


Well i've tried that but it didn't work. Nothing happens?!

Help me please
Monday, September 6, 2004 5:50 PM - Support

Re: Xbrowser??

If you cannot see the remote host on Xbrowser, you should check the following:

- A dtlogin, kdm, or gdm should be running on the remote host
- Refer to /var/dt/Xerrors on CDE environment (Solaris, AIX or other Unix machines)
- Is there a firewall between your PC and the remote host?

For further support, please let us know more detailed information about your network configuration.

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