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germany keyboard

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002 11:44 PM - Joachim Anslinger

germany keyboard


I am evaluating Xmanager and like it, but run into problems with the germany keyboard. I used the German keyboard and tried to map some ALT + key definition, i.e. ALT I for HPInsert Line. This works fine the first time, but if I want to insert 2 lines I could not hold the ALT-key and press 2 times the I-key, as the second time an "i" will be produced. To solve this I have to press "ALT" + "I", release both keys and press "ALT" and "I" again. Is there a way to have this done without releasing the ALT-Key?
Also I didn't find an explanation or help within the keyboard editor for the section where I could mark: Repeat, Shift, CapsLock, Control, Mod1,..Mod5? Could you help me with that?

Joachim Anslinger

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002 12:13 AM - Support

Re: germany keyboard

You can't map a keysym for a multiple key combination. Usually that is done by changing X application's resource file.

If you want to do it with Keyboard editor, AltGr is the only key you can specify "AltGr + i" or other sequence. AltGr key is used as a ModeSwitch key and you can define the keysyms of "i" key as:

Unshifted: i
Shifted: NoSymbol
ModeSwitch: HPInsert
ShiftedModeSwitch: NoSymbol

And "Repeat" means the key event will be generated multiple times while pressing the key. The option is on for most keys except for the modifier keys. "Shift", "CapsLock" and "Control" option is on for the same keys on the keyboard. "Mod1" ~ "Mod5" is used for modifier keys such as Alt, AltGr. A modifier key is the key which modifies the meaning of other keys. For most cases, you don't need to change these options.

For better solution, please change the resource file of the X application you are using. you can find it at /usr/dt/lib/app-defaults directory. How to map "Alt+i" to "HPInsert" is dependent on the X application. You can get an idea from the default resource file.

We hope this can help you.

Technical Support
Wednesday, July 17, 2002 7:17 PM - Joachim Anslinger

Re: germany keyboard

Its o.K. now, Xmananger works fine.