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xdmcp connection failed

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 6:49 PM - mh

xdmcp connection failed

I installed xmanager2.0 in winxp and try to connect a rs6000 server with AIX 5.1 . But all I saw is just a blach screen with a mouse prompt, I will not able to see the dtlogin. and the error message begin display is "xdmcp connection failed". Itried the xstart with telnet or rlogin, its work. what is the problems?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 10:08 PM - David

Re: xdmcp connection failed

Is the "dtlogin" process running on AIX?
If then, you can get some hints from the /var/dt/Xerrors file.

Saturday, August 7, 2004 5:29 PM - yangkan

Re: Re: xdmcp connection failed

It`s mean ?
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Monday, August 9, 2004 3:35 PM - David

Re: Re: Re: xdmcp connection failed

I doubt that the "dtlogin" process is running on your AIX box. To enable it, run the following commands at the console of AIX:

# dtconfig -e
# dtconfig -reset

Then, try to add the PC IP address to /etc/hosts of AIX. An error in the DNS settings may cause such a problem.

Thursday, October 14, 2004 9:23 PM - santosh mishra

Re: xdmcp connection failed

same problem here.
here mdkkdm is running in linux server.
ssh , telnet is working fine but xdmcp connection failed.
Friday, October 15, 2004 3:59 PM - Support

Re: Re: xdmcp connection failed

Mandrake 9.1 has a problem in using KDM. If it is the case, you should upgrade to Mandrake 9.2.

Otherwise, use GDM instead of MDKKDM.
To configure Mandrake for GDM:

1. Log on to the Linux console.
2. Click the "Click the "start menu->Configuration->Mandrake Control Center-Qt>hardware->display manager chooser" in sequence.
3. Select GDM.

Hope this helps you.

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