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Font problems running X though Putty

Last post: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 6:07 PM by Neil Brown, 2 reply

Tuesday, March 9, 2004 11:47 PM - Neil Brown

Font problems running X though Putty


I'm running Xmanager 2.0 on my Win2k box, connecting to a Red Hat Advanced Server 3 Linux box. If I use Xstart to connect to the box and run GIMP, everything's OK, but if I run an X server using "Xmanager - Passive" and connect to the same box using PuTTY, when I load GIMP, the fonts are different (they're bigger and don't fit on the screen), even though it's using the same X server. Further, if I connect to a RH 7.2 Linux box, I don't get this problem. Any ideas why it's playing up with RHELAS3?

I've attached two JPEG images of the Gimp loading, through Xstart (gimp_xstart.jpg) and through PuTTY (gimp_putty.jpg). It looks like a font spacing problem?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 5:14 PM - Support

Re: Font problems running X though Putty

Hi Neil,

Your problem is caused due to exporting unsuitable LANG variable for running GIMP. To solve this, you can do one of the followings:

- In PuTTY, export a proper language value into the environment variable 'LANG' and run GIMP.
¿ ex) export LANG=en_US

- Add the Helvetica font into Xmanager Font Directory List as follows:
¿ 1. Download the zip file from the link below:
¿¿¿¿ ¿ http://download.conux.com/files/fonts/helveti10646.zip
¿ 2. Create a new directory.
¿¿¿¿¿ ex) C:\Program Files\NetSarang\Xmanager 2.0\Fonts\Helvetica
¿ 3. Uncompress the file "helveti10646.zip" into the new directory.
¿ 4. Open Xconfig.
¿ 5. Double-click on "Default Profile".
¿ 6. Choose the Font tab and click on the "Add Font Directory..." button.
¿ 7. Open the file "fonts.dir" located in the new directory.
¿ 8. Move down the Helvetica font directory to the bottom of the Font Directory List.
¿ 9. Click OK.

Hope this solve your problem.

Technical Support
Wednesday, March 10, 2004 6:07 PM - Neil Brown

Re: Re: Font problems running X though Putty

Excellent! that worked a treat.

Thanks for your help!