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Login through X manager

Last post: Thursday, August 30, 2001 3:23 AM by Travis Morgan, 4 reply

Tuesday, August 28, 2001 3:24 AM - Travis Morgan

Login through X manager

I get a message that stats "root logon refused at this terminal" when I try to logon. I can start a telnet session in windows and get in fine, with the root account. Is there something that has to be configured either on my PC or on the Unix Box in order for me to get in?
Wednesday, August 29, 2001 5:30 AM - Kay

Re: Login through X manager

Root login might be refused by some Unix box and it depends on the Unix brand and version. Your additional information might be very helpful to solve this problem.

- Kay
Wednesday, August 29, 2001 9:08 PM - Travis Morgan

Re: Re: Login through X manager

Thanks for your help Kay.

The Box that I am trying to get into is made by Digital. We are running Compaq's Tru 64 V4.0. I am connecting from a Win2K workstation. I hope this will help.

Is there any way to get around that refusal?
Thursday, August 30, 2001 12:25 AM - Kay

Root login on Digital Unix

I'm not sure but please try to add "PCNAME:0" into the /etc/securettys file. "PCNAME" is the hostname of your PC.

"PCNAME:0" is the display name of Xmanager and you can get it by running the following command in the dtterm.

# echo $DISPLAY
Thursday, August 30, 2001 3:23 AM - Travis Morgan

Re: Root login on Digital Unix

Thanks Kay

Adding "PCNAME:#" into the /etc/securettys file worked great.

Im in.