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Processes Running on Server

Last post: Thursday, April 11, 2002 8:08 PM by Support, 1 reply

Thursday, April 11, 2002 6:03 AM - Steve

Processes Running on Server

I use the X-Start program to access UNIX servers. Within this program I use the telnet with dtterm option to connect. I connect to the servers with no problem. Once I exit the session, I go back to the server and there is a -ksh process still running associated to the last login. I do not exit the X-start program, I always have it running. Most of the time I leave my computer logged in with at least one real session active. How can these jobs get killed without having to do it manually? This gives a false sense that someone is still logged into the box and eventually I could have 5 - 10 empty sessions appear. Any help would be appreciated.

In this example, only pts/6 and pts/3 are really active.

surban pts/3 Apr 10 11:20 (
surban pts/5 Apr 10 15:57 (
surban pts/7 Apr 10 15:57 (
surban pts/6 Apr 10 11:20 (

surban 15266 15260 0 11:20:50 pts/3 0:01 /usr/dt/bin/dtterm -ls -display
surban 15260 15258 0 11:20:49 pts/3 0:00 -ksh
surban 15373 15371 0 15:57:28 pts/7 0:00 -ksh
surban 15268 15266 0 11:20:50 pts/6 0:00 -ksh
surban 15353 15351 0 15:57:17 pts/5 0:00 -ksh

Seems the only way to end them is to stop the X-Manager that is currently running. Should close out all connections when the last window is closed to that server.
Thursday, April 11, 2002 8:08 PM - Support

Use timeout feature in the advanced option of telnet

You can terminate telnet connections after successfully running a remote X application. Please set the value of "Xstart->Advanced->Timeout" to 20 ~ 60 seconds. The value "0" means that the telnet session is not terminated until Xmanager closes.

Some X applications that generate output messages might be terminated if the telnet shell is not running. However most xterm-like applications don't have a problem even if the telnet shell is terminated.

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