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different ssh protocal?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003 10:07 AM - forrestrun

different ssh protocal?

Hi, i get an error when i use Xstart connect to a linux server through the ssh protocol. The linux server is runing "SSH-2.0-3.2.3 SSH Secure Shell (non-commercial)".

BTW, i can connect to some other linux server which run OpenSSH.

the xssh window:
Connected to

Exchanging SSH version...Done.
Server: SSH-2.0-3.2.3 SSH Secure Shell (non-commercial).
Client: SSH-2.0-Xssh_1.0.
SSH2 is enabled.

Negotiating algorithms...
Initiating key exchange...Done.
Exchanging Diffie-Hellman KeyEx message...Done.
Waiting for new key message...Received.
Fingerprint: 2048 e0:82:ce:6e:70:70:44:09:1c:cf:e0:3a:a3:90:71:94.Verifying host key...
Algorithm negotiation has been finished...
CS Cipher: blowfish-cbc, SC Cipher: blowfish-cbc
CS Compress: zlib, SC Compress: zlib
CS MAC: hmac-sha1, SC MAC: hmac-sha1


I guess it is some different between xmanager's ssh protocol and ssh.com's ssh protocol. (?)

Could someone tell me how to connect to the ssh.com's sshd? thanks!!
Thursday, August 14, 2003 11:24 AM - Support

Re: different ssh protocal?

The problem might be caused by zlib compression option. Please try to turn off the option as following:

1. Run Xstart.
2. In the Protocol list, click Advanced.
3. Click Protocol tab.
4. Clear "zlib compression" check box.
5. Click OK to implement the change.

Hope to solve the problem.

Technical Support
Friday, August 15, 2003 9:59 AM - forrestrun

Re: Re: different ssh protocal?

The problem has been resolved! so thanks!