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Xftp Drag & Drop to Desktop
by Support
24740Apr 01, 2016
by Support
Corrupt or Invalid Signature when Installing from Microsoft Edge Browser/SmartScreen
by Support
13110Jan 19, 2016
by Support
Can't download to a network drive
by Junguk Hur
90Jun 27, 2017
by Junguk Hu...
Will xftp support scp protocol?
by ayanamist
16706Jun 22, 2017
by Shuai
Bridge between Xftp and Xshell broken
by emilise
311Jun 16, 2017
by Support
Some suggestions
by NeOnD
831Jun 07, 2017
by Support
Xftp doesn´t work with another server
by Antonio Gómez
1551May 16, 2017
by Support
connect as different user with -su
by Olaf
9823May 15, 2017
by Support
Import sessions from WinSCP
by Maxim Kondrashin
17695Apr 20, 2017
by Support
Single instance of Xftp
by NeOnD
7125Apr 12, 2017
by NeOnD
Xftp and sudo
by Alex
20475Mar 31, 2017
by Support
Full Row Select
by Xang
2270Mar 27, 2017
by Xang
drag and drop doesnt work
by Alex
252727Mar 22, 2017
by zoo
Shared Sessions Xshell and Xftp
by gilles brunel
5362Mar 07, 2017
by Kyle
can't start xftp
by johan chung
4030Jan 20, 2017
by johan chu...
photos open in xftp can't go next or prev
by Xin Xie
4661Dec 26, 2016
by Support
the response of XFTP is too slow when you try to look a large floder(include 24214 files)
by alax
14785Nov 09, 2016
by look
Why xftp has to connect sftp rather than ftp?
by Zhang Junxi
9751Oct 31, 2016
by Support
public key cann't be confirmed
by kybb
7151Oct 19, 2016
by Support
The order of the files in the "transfer" window
by Ding
7691Sep 09, 2016
by Support