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Xftp 6 beta "-url" bug
by NeOnD
13814Dec 10, 2018
by Support
how can i set a filter?
by jason
23766Dec 03, 2018
by Support
XFTP 6 Crashes on Server Login
by JD Mik
831Nov 22, 2018
by Support
Xftp not remembering Bookmarks
by Chris
2604Oct 18, 2018
by Support
Download stucks at 99% and I cannot resume
by demlasjr
18673Oct 09, 2018
by zhenbing
XFTP drag to download bug
by Shaoqun Liu
6474Sep 28, 2018
by 周锋
by TopQuark
1881Sep 27, 2018
by Support
XFTP Cannot create a local file
by Sim
1961Sep 27, 2018
by Support
drag and drop doesnt work
by Alex
419728Sep 23, 2018
by TopQuark
Can't download to a network drive
by Junguk Hur
14217Sep 06, 2018
by Support
by gz
2910Jul 29, 2018
by gz
Opening new Xshell/Xftp sessions super slow
by tonysgi
12867Jul 10, 2018
by Florian
Xftp and sudo
by Alex
45057Jul 04, 2018
by Support
Text is Blurry
by Riasat Al Jamil
4391Jun 15, 2018
by Support
please open sessions in the same window
by amraam
5302May 15, 2018
by Support
How do I bookmark a remote folder?
by StSch
25802Mar 27, 2018
by Chi
Some files throw error in transfer, no details provided
by Derrick Roberts
6341Mar 22, 2018
by Support
character of menu is gibberish or unrecognized.
by zwxbest
6711Feb 27, 2018
by Support
Xshell to XFTP connection issues
by tonysgi
13053Dec 27, 2017
by Support
Will xftp support scp protocol?
by ayanamist
38689Dec 18, 2017
by Support