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After getting the JDS (Java Desktop System) in Solaris 10, I can't enter text in terminal windows.

Earlier versions of Solaris 10 had keyboard input problems in JDS. This problem has been fixed in the later releases. Please apply the latest patch from SUN.
Following instruction is a temporary fix.
  1. Open /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings/%gconf.xml
  2. Edit the file with:

  3. Then, restart Xmanager.

I can't log into Mandrake 9.1.

There is a problem with the RPM package for QT library 3.1.1 included in Mandrake 9.1, so you need to update to QT library 3.1.2 included in Mandrake 9.2.
Please follow the instructions below:
  1. Login as a root.
  2. Install the following QT library 3.1.2 RPM package:

    # rpm -i -nodeps -force libat3-3.1.2-12mdk.i586.rpm

  3. Create qtrc file in $HOME directory for each user as below. If you use the XDMCP connection only, this step can be skipped.

    $ cd
    $ mkdir .qt
    $ touch .qt/qtrc

  4. If you want to recover the original QT library, you need to backup /usr/lib/qt3/lib directory.