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Readline wrapper

Last post: Monday, September 5, 2016 4:45 AM by support

Monday, September 5, 2016 4:45 AM - support

Readline wrapper

Readline is a library with which some command line programs such as bash can edit its command line and give command history.

Other interactive programs may not have this capability. rlwrap gives line editing and a command history function for such programs.

Instructions are:

1. Download the appropriate rpm file from the files below

2. Install rlwrap to your linux machine.
# rpm -ivh rlwrap-0.42-1.el5.x86_64.rpm
In case of Redhat 6 or similar series like CentOS
# rpm -ivh rlwrap-0.42-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

3. Have your program follow rlwrap
# rlwrap nslookup

4. Edit the command line with the left/right arrow or call the command history with the up/down arrow.

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