Welcome to NetSarang Customer Support Services. To ensure your satisfaction, our support staff are always ready to answer your questions. Our online support and services are provided at free of charge.

For technical support, please use the support request form or the forums listed below. Product forums are open to everyone to ask questions and answer, and also share new ideas. If you have any questions or request for Customer Service, please send us an email at support @

Support Request

If you have the maintenance service for your product(s), please use the Support Request for a faster response. We also have forums for all of our products so you can ask questions, get answers and read suggestions from other experienced users.

  • Support Request

    Support Request is a support hotline for users with the maintenance service for their product(s).

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  • Product Forum

    Everyone is welcome to join our forum. You do not need to have the maintenance service to post or read entries in the forums.

Technical Support Resources

In FAQ, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Tutorial pages include a variety of useful guides and tips to apply towards our products in use. Please click on a link to move to a corresponding page.

Technical Support Resources
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Xshell Total Search Manual Tutorial FAQ
Xftp Total Search Manual Tutorial
Xlpd Total Search Manual Tutorial FAQ