License & Service

Our software products are electronically distributed and you can download and evaluate any of our products freely. When you register the product in our online store, we will send you the product key via email. By entering the product key, you can enjoy the full benefit of a registered product.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance service includes
  1. Free Upgrade
  2. Unlimited technical support
  3. Bug fix/patch upgrade
  4. Online product status check
  5. Reduced TCO

NMS (NetSarang Maintenance Service) is designed to save customers valuable time and money. We included technical support hotline, upgrade, and priority bug fixes that can keep your systems in the optimal condition and to minimize troubleshooting time.

With more than 10 years of experience in the cross-platform integration solution market, you can now spend less time finding solutions and spend more time getting your work done


Maintenance service of NetSarang Computer, Inc. provides up-to-date product, technical support, phone support, and free upgrade for low cost. By simply extending maintenance service period, latest version of the product and quick access to other technical supports are available to the customer.

Stay Up-to-date

Maintenance service includes free upgrade service. Newly added features allow the user to perform remote task more efficiently and reliably.

Technical Support Hotline

Software troubleshooting in a company costs considerable amount of time and money. NetSarang Computer Inc. runs the best network technical support team, and more than 90% of technical queries are handled within 8 hours of operation.

Online status check

The customer can check status of their maintenance service on online status check page. Also, the customer can extend maintenance service and obtain free upgrade license by going through a single page.

Bug fixes

If a bug is found, the user does not have to wait for an upcoming release. New bug fix is released periodically to ensure the optimum performance of your product.

New product alert

When a new product is released, information on upgradable products is sent to users via email.

Volume discount & Multiple year discount

To provide maintenance service at minimal cost, NetSarang Computer Inc. grants high rate volume discount as well as a multiple year discount.

How to buy

If you are purchasing How to buy
Product with Maintenance
All NetSarang software come with 1 year maintenance. It includes free major upgrade and technical support. You can add extra 1 or 2 years of maintenance period when purchasing a product.
Maintenance only You can add the maintenance service within 6 months from the date of software purchase. Please keep in mind that the starting date for the maintenance service becomes the date you purchased software.
Maintenance renewal You can renew maintneance through our online store. Maintenance can be renewed within 6 months from the expriation date.