Xshell 6

The Industry’s Most Powerful SSH Client

Xshell is a powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN, and SERIAL. Delivering industry leading performance, Xshell includes a combination of features and advantages not found in other SSH clients. Features that enterprise users will find useful include a tabbed environment, dynamic port forwarding, custom key mapping, highlight sets, VB/Jscript/Python scripting, dual font support for ASCII and non-ASCII characters, and PKCS#11 Support.

Xshell is free for home and school use. Please read our free for home and school use license agreement for terms and conditions.


  • Supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL protocols
  • Supports Windows Vista/7/8/10, Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Supports OpenSSH and ssh.com servers
  • Supports having multi tabs in a single window
  • Supports displaying multiple tab groups in a single window
  • Multi-user setting
  • Keep alive option
  • SOCKS4/5, HTTP proxy connection
  • Custom key mapping
  • VB, Jscript, Python scripting
  • IPv6 support
  • Kerberos(MIT Keberos, Microsoft SSPI) authentication support
  • SSH/Telnet Tracking
Session Management
  • The Session Manager provides a convenient way to manage and run multiple sessions
  • Create and manage session files for both local and remote hosts
  • Supports Sessions dialog box, address bar, local prompt, shortcut to session, and links bar to open sessions
  • Provides a default session for quick connection
  • Simultaneous connection with multiple sessions
  • Address bar supports URL commands and allows connection to a remote host with or without a saved session
  • Supports automatic login and login scripts
  • Supports folder and tree view in the Sessions dialog box
  • Batch update sessions
  • Import and export sessions
  • RSA/DSA/ECDSA/ED25519 Public key, Password and Keyboard interactive user authentication
  • RSA/DSA/ECDSA/ED25519 New Key Wizard and import/export key
  • SSH PKCS#11 Support
  • User authentication using Xagent (SSH user authentication agent)
  • AES128/192/256, 3DES, BLOWFISH, CAST128, ARCFOUR and RIJNDAEL encryption algorithms
  • SHA1, SHA1-96, MD5, MD5-96 and RIPEMD160 MAC algorithms
  • zlib compression
  • Host Keys dialog box
  • User Keys dialog box
  • Supports using master password to encrypt password
  • TCP/IP and X11 forwarding
  • Dynamic port forwarding using SOCKS4/5
  • Tunneling pane for observing and managing active forwarding channels
  • Instand tunneling to add/remove or modify tunneling to the current connected session
Local Command
  • Local shell prompt for advanced users
  • Local commands, including open, ssh, telnet, rlogin, sftp, and ftp
  • Local Windows commands, such as ping, ipconfig, netstat, and nslookup
  • Escape to the local prompt during connection
  • Unicode-based terminal buffer
  • VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI and ANSI terminals
  • Fixed terminal size option for standardized output
  • Horizontal scroll bar while in fixed terminal size
  • Multi-language output encoding (UTF-8)
  • Compose Bar for sending strings to multiple sessions
  • Compose Pane for sending multiple lines of strings to multiple sessions
  • Character string search using regular expressions
  • Column unit text selection
  • Supports multi-byte character strings at copy & paste
  • Designates delimiters of double-click word selection in the terminal window
  • Triple click selects one line
  • Bold font and ANSI color code
  • Xterm terminal mouse
  • Xterm 256-color mode
  • Linux Meta key emulation
  • Prints terminal screen
  • Set line spacing and margins in the terminal window
  • Search a user specified web browser for selected text
  • Various bell options
  • Dockable UI for the main window
  • Theme selection feature
  • Convenient and powerful user interface
  • Supports custom layout
  • Color schemes edit/import/export feature
  • Change cursor color and blinking
  • Easily changeable fonts via the Font button
  • Apply separate fonts for ASCII and non ASCII characters
  • Designate frequently used character strings as quick commands: Quick Commands Bar, Quick Commands Pane
  • Customizable Standard Buttons on toolbar
  • Security–lock, session selection, and network up/down traffic information display in the status bar
  • Full screen view (Alt+Enter)
  • Transparency options
  • Interoperable with Xmanager program for X11 forwarding
  • Interoperable with Xagent program for agent authentication and forwarding
  • Interoperable with Xftp program for file transfers
  • Edits scroll buffer in notepad
  • Sequentially selects Xshell window via the menu command
String Transfer and File Management
  • Send and receives files via FTP/SFTP
  • Send and receives files via X/Y/Z MODEM
  • Send ASCII files
  • Send Delay for preventing data loss
  • Auto save and support for various logging formats during session logging
  • Page setting and print preview