Xmanager Power Suite 6

Seamless UNIX/Linux & Windows Integration

Xmanager Power Suite 6 is the complete network connectivity suite. The suite includes:

  • Xmanager (high performance PC X server)
  • Xshell (powerful SSH client)
  • Xftp (SFTP/FTP client)
  • Xlpd (a print job management tool)

All applications in the Xmanager Power Suite package are designed to work together to ensure the highest level of interoperability.


  • Xmanager main window

  • Xmanager showing remote Linux desktop

  • Xmanager showing 2 remote desktop sessions side-by-side

  • Xmanager running in multiple window mode

  • Xmanager running in single window mode

  • Xstart main window

  • Xshell main window

  • Align tabs side by side

  • Synchronized key input enabled

  • Xftp main window

  • Xlpd main window

  • Xlpd Log viewer