Xftp 6

File Management Simplified

Xftp 6 is a flexible and lightweight SFTP/FTP client for users who need to transfer files securely over a network. File transfers are simplified using features such as drag & drop, direct edit, and enhanced synchronization wrapped in an intuitive tabbed interface.

Xftp is free for home and school use. Please read our free for home and school use license agreement for terms and conditions.


Easy File Transfers

Xftp 6 supports drag and drop between hosts so you can easily visualize the movement of files/folders. You can check the transfer window to see the progress of all your transfers and to see what is in your queue. Pause and resume file transfers as needed.

Fast and Secure

Increase productivity by allowing the maximum usage of your bandwidth with Xftp 6 for faster file download/uploads. Utilize SFTP for secure file transfers via the proven SSH protocol.

Management Made Easy

Xftp 6 makes managing sessions easier than ever. Whether you’re working on 2 hosts or 200 hosts, optimize your workflow with features such as the transfer management window, a tabbed environment, direct edit, synchronized navigation, and much more.