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Introducing Version 6

Posted Apr 24, 2018

The NetSarang Team is proud to announce the official release of Version 6 across our full line of software which includes Xmanager Power Suite 6, Xmanager 6, Xshell 6, Xftp 6, and Xlpd 6. Thank you to all the Beta testers and users who submitted feedback!

We've made a couple changes to product naming for Version 6.

  • Xmanager Enterprise is now Xmanager Power Suite
  • Xshell Plus bundles Xshell & Xftp into a single discounted package.

Version 6 introduces a revamped User Interface and a host of new features which were developed with our users in mind. Some of the more notable new features include the all new Session Manager pane to facilitate a more convenient session management experience, a Dockable UI for easy access and customizations of frequently accessed tools, global Master Password support for safe and easy sharing of session files between devices and users, and PKCS#11 support.

For a full list of new features and improvements, visit the product overview page:

New Features
Xmanager Power Suite 6
(Includes Xmanager, Xshell, Xftp, Xlpd)
Xmanager 6
Xshell Plus 6
(Includes Xshell and Xftp)
Xshell 6
Xftp 6
Xlpd 6

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Note: Version 5 users with current maintenance on their licenses are eligible for a free upgrade. If you have not received your free upgrade product key via email, please contact us at sales @ netsarang.com.