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Recovering from nssock2.dll
by Support
5020Sep 07, 2017
by Support
Corrupt or Invalid Signature when Installing from Microsoft Edge Browser/SmartScreen
by Support
56670Jan 19, 2016
by Support
Duplicate Session problem in version Xshell5 (build 0831)
by Alexander
25642Dec 08, 2015
by Support
by js
130Jan 16, 2018
by js
login script when duplicate session
by DL
371Jan 16, 2018
by Support
Use windows credentials as user
by ronzo
210Jan 12, 2018
by ronzo
Eliminating Undesirable Input Characters
by jon
311Jan 11, 2018
by Support
Windows Tab Autocomplete
by Ric
4446Jan 11, 2018
by Support
Linux Version
by Maxim Seliverstov
1227814Jan 10, 2018
by Edson
explain xsh.Dialog.Prompt size adjustment feature
by jsanagustin
563Jan 09, 2018
by Support
Xshell for OS X
by bparker
169163166Jan 09, 2018
by t
Hide Tab Session
by Manoel
602Jan 05, 2018
by Manoel J...
can not set theme in xshell 6 beta
by Nick
831Jan 02, 2018
by Support
Xshell taking long time
by Amardeep Sidhu
11463Jan 02, 2018
by Support
GSSAPI credential delegation works?
by Hu Chenglong
1462Dec 27, 2017
by Support
Does not prefill password after update
by ayanamist
1362Dec 27, 2017
by Support
Help with login script
by 2d8
1282Dec 26, 2017
by 2d8
It is recommended that the command line and the results display different colors
by Gavin
941Dec 26, 2017
by Support
Could not connect to '' : Connection failed.
by Vincent
1211Dec 21, 2017
by Support