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libsixel support for XShell
by Serge
131Jul 16, 2018
by Support
Disable auto-scroll
by Bjoern
161Jul 16, 2018
by Support
screen.send display blurred in Chinese characters
by kurt
221Jul 16, 2018
by Support
Terminal windows shift to left
by anant tickoo
281Jul 16, 2018
by Support
Screen.WaitForStrings broken in latest Xshell6 build
by jsanagustin
201Jul 16, 2018
by Support
Linux Version
by Maxim Seliverstov
1710917Jul 16, 2018
by mikserc
Highlight word
by Salman
70Jul 16, 2018
by Salman
Xshell Variables
by Ilie
981Jul 03, 2018
by Support
Show Terminal Title not working in latest build of XShell 6
by Protonus
1063Jul 03, 2018
by Protonus
Unable to open more than 4 tabs.
by Lindlay
9978Jul 02, 2018
by Support
Xshell for OS X
by bparker
220349224Jul 02, 2018
by lemens
Xshell commands limitation is invalid.
by yoyo
1453Jun 28, 2018
by Support
xshell4 publish time
by jiaec
641Jun 28, 2018
by Support
by Tom
832Jun 27, 2018
by Tom
xshell made windows 10 crash
by Eason
911Jun 27, 2018
by Support
xshell can't send some combine key to vim
by alan
701Jun 22, 2018
by Support
how to run python with xshell
by codecode
4111Jun 21, 2018
by codecode
Changing password globally
by John
520022Jun 20, 2018
by Thilagava...
YModem transfer never finish
by Jalen
1483Jun 15, 2018
by Support
zlib compression not working with ssh
by charlie2alpha
1264Jun 15, 2018
by charlie2a...