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Recovering from nssock2.dll
by Support
3090Sep 07, 2017
by Support
Corrupt or Invalid Signature when Installing from Microsoft Edge Browser/SmartScreen
by Support
54010Jan 19, 2016
by Support
Duplicate Session problem in version Xshell5 (build 0831)
by Alexander
23862Dec 08, 2015
by Support
WIndows 10 Bash (WSL) with XShell
by Jeremy Hall
18094Nov 17, 2017
by Anon
How to increase tab width in Xshell 5?
by Garrett Ivy
1956Nov 17, 2017
by Support
Unable to chagne password after update.
by ezreal walker
361Nov 16, 2017
by Support
Add cmd and powershell to protocol
by Domain
601Nov 16, 2017
by Support
Failed to import user key!
by Doug
1258613Nov 15, 2017
by Nalin
Xshell update deleted all my previous sessions
by Iordachescu Ilie Mihaita bogdan
491Nov 10, 2017
by Support
Xshell for OS X
by bparker
151523158Nov 10, 2017
by 我日你个仙人板板,...
I need my licence please...
by Bernard Dery
491Nov 09, 2017
by Support
Any release notes for the version 6 beta?
by Nick
864Nov 07, 2017
by Justin
No matching outgoing encryption algorithm found
by joejoe
2432229Nov 02, 2017
by Support
XFTP always needs to enter the password manually
by Jason
1183Oct 27, 2017
by Support
ssh-dsa 2048 host key verification failed
by Manjunath SM
1331Oct 27, 2017
by Support
Xshell5 - context menu option "Open with Xftp" doesn't transfer port to Xftp
by Ivan
2063Oct 24, 2017
by Ivan
Feature Request - Credential Profile
by Tanner Richey
831Oct 24, 2017
by Support
Write script to login direct in telnet
by Lymit
1601Oct 20, 2017
by Support
How to import SecureCRT session?
by ComGuy
1850121Oct 18, 2017
by Dave