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Corrupt or Invalid Signature when Installing from Microsoft Edge Browser/SmartScreen
by Support
49420Jan 19, 2016
by Support
Duplicate Session problem in version Xshell5 (build 0831)
by Alexander
20422Dec 08, 2015
by Support
Updates - compromise
by D Rigby
131Aug 19, 2017
by Support
nssock2.dll blues
by P. Garrison
573Aug 18, 2017
by Support
Xshell for OS X
by bparker
125322137Aug 16, 2017
by jikai
Public Key remember not working
by Igor Koltun
493Aug 16, 2017
by Igor Kolt...
would the saved password be stolen?
by Hongya
921Aug 14, 2017
by Support
McaFee regard nssock2.dll as Trojan
by simon cao
2111Aug 12, 2017
by Support
abort xshell sessions manager
by 1288893
721Aug 11, 2017
by Support
Change what session opens when pressing + tab key
by Matt
321Aug 11, 2017
by Support
No matching outgoing encryption algorithm found
by joejoe
2237327Aug 11, 2017
by Andrei
Xshell5 doesn't open an Xftp5 session for some servers
by Ivan
751Aug 09, 2017
by Support
Cannot connect to Microsoft SSH Server for Windows
by Domain
791Aug 09, 2017
by Support
Xshell5 - context menu option "Open with Xftp" doesn't transfer port to Xftp
by Ivan
421Aug 09, 2017
by Support
nssock2.dll symantec antivirus
by Brandon
15004Aug 09, 2017
by Support
The session tab bar displays for multi-line
by sbaaaa
14776Aug 08, 2017
by Support
Linux Version
by Maxim Seliverstov
800810Aug 08, 2017
by Lini
Number keypad in vim insert mode
by slashkick
56607Aug 06, 2017
by Ashi
Create session direct from a list
by Sandro Corrêa
661Aug 01, 2017
by Support