Font Download

Please click on the links below to download any additional font packages. After you finish downloading, run the package to install the additional fonts into your Xmanager.

Xmanager Additional Fonts

These are the extra font packages that you may need to run your X application.

Xmanager Additional Fonts
Font File Name Size Alternative Link
DEC / VAX Font dec.exe 8.13MB
HP Font hp.exe 7.24MB
IBM Font ibm.exe 11.7MB
SGI Font sgi.exe 11.7MB
Mathematica Font mathematica.exe 9.42MB
Mentor Font mentor.exe 3.83MB
Java Font urw.exe 6.42MB
ISO10646-1 Font (Latin Unicode Fonts) iso10646-1.exe 13.0MB
ISO8859-13 Font (Lithuanian) iso8859-13.exe 6.33MB
ISO8859-15 Font (EuroSign) iso8859-15.exe 5.36MB
ISO8859-2 Font (Latin 2 : Croatian, Czech,
Hungarian, Polish, Slovak...)
iso8859-2.exe 8.07MB
ISO8859-5 Font (Russian, Cyrillic, Bulgarian) iso8859-5.exe 5.23MB
ISO8859-7 Font (Greek) iso8859-7.exe 3.64MB
ISO8859-8 Font (Hebrew) iso8859-8.exe 3.36MB
ISO8859-9 Font (Turkish) iso8859-9.exe 7.92MB
Korean Font korean.exe 19.0MB
Japanese Font japanese.exe 5.97MB
Chinese Font chinese.exe 21.8MB
Thai Font th_th.exe 3.02MB

1.3.x Additional Fonts

These font packs are for Xmanager 1.3.x versions only. If you are using the later versions, please download the font pack from the Xmanager Additional Fonts tab instead.

1.3.x Additional Fonts
Font File Name Size Alternative Link
ISO8859-15 Euro fonts iso8859-15.exe 2.72MB
Japanese 75dpi fonts ja75dpi.exe 5.73MB
Chinese fonts chinese.exe 16.2MB
Thai fonts th_TH.exe 1.74MB
Misc fonts for Asian countries misc.exe 6.86MB
ISO8859-2 Font iso8859-2.exe 5.42MB
ISO8859-5 Font iso8859-5.exe 3.12MB
ISO8859-7 Font iso8859-7.exe 1.76MB
ISO8859-8 Font iso8859-8.exe 1.45MB
ISO8859-9 Font iso8859-9.exe 5.72MB
ISO8859-13 Font iso8859-13.exe 3.75MB