Xmanager Enterprise 5 Download

Thank you for downloading Xmanager Enterprise 5. You can evaluate Xmanager Enterprise 5 for 30 days for free. If you are a registered user, you can enter the product key during installation to use the software as a registered copy.

Please send us an email at support @ netsarang.com if you have any trouble downloading the software.


Xmanager Enterprise 5 Download

Xmanager Enterprise 5 Build 1242

Xme5.exe, Aug 25 2017, 54.79 MB
  • MD5:
    Evaluation : b621d208c254f277bae297c3656e9071
    Registered : 9663f05ef1fb8d2a67647ae921c084d6
  • SHA1:
    Evaluation : fbb004a4d9662629560a138739eaa6705967fde2
    Registered : b5299e9b865f587b8d452828c5818c8dd15f0596


  1. When you execute the downloaded file, InstallShield Wizard will begin the installation process.
    (Only Windows Administrator accounts can install the software.)
  2. When prompted, enter your information as well as the product key you received on your License after purchase and click Next. Evaluation packages will not prompt users to enter a product key.
  3. When the install is completed, the Xmanager Enterprise 5 icon will be placed on the desktop.


  1. Double click on the Xmanager Enterprise 5 folder icon to open up the program folder.
  2. Use Xmanager or Xbrowser to connect to a remote UNIX/Linux system that provides XDM and CDE environment. When you start Xbrowser, list of available hosts are dynamically displayed.
  3. When you double click on an icon from the list of available hosts, Xmanager instantly creates a connection to the host. When you are successfully connected to a remote host, login window such as following appears.
  4. Enter the username and password to logon to the system. When your username and password are accepted, desktop environment such as following will appear.
  5. Use Xstart to launch xterm from UNIX/Linux machines that do not provide XDM and CDE environment.

    Please refer to Starting with Xstart for more detail.
  6. Check out our Tutorial, FAQ for various tips and guidelines on Xmanager usage.

Uninstallation instructions can be found on our FAQ page here.

If you have any problem in downloading, installing or starting, please email us at: support @ netsarang.com

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